Section 12: Internet Utility > Getting Started


To start processing, select Process  Start Processing from the main menu, or press the F2 key. Once per minute, each configured process that is scheduled to begin will start processing in the order that the process headings are displayed on the main program window.

The time interval in minutes that remains before the next processing will begin is displayed next to each process heading on the main program window, and a progress bar will indicate the progress of a particular process. Processing will continue until processing is manually stopped (see below) or the program is exited (see Exiting the Internet Utility).

To automatically start processing every time the Internet Utility restarts, including every time your computer reboots, select Process  Start Processing on Program Startup from the main menu (see also Running the Internet Utility).

Once processing has started, the time intervals can be overridden and all processes executed immediately by selecting Process  Process Now from the main menu, or by pressing the F3 key.

To stop processing after processing has started, select Process  Stop Processing from the main menu, or press the F2 key again.


Minimizing the Internet Utility to the System Tray