Section 12: Internet Utility > Getting Started

Running the Internet Utility

Starting the Program

To start the Internet Utility program from within the main At Your Service program, first close all windows in the main program shell and then select File  Internet Utility from the main menu. Only the program administrator (see User Security) may run the Internet Utility.

To open the program directly from Windows, select Programs  At Your Service  Utilities  Internet Utility from the Windows Start menu (at the left side of the Windows taskbar).

To automatically start the Internet Utility every time your computer reboots, select Process  Start Processing on Program Startup from the main menu (see also Processing).

Accepting the License Agreement

If a new or updated version of the program was installed then you must first accept the license agreement (see License Agreement). Click the Yes button to proceed if you accept the license agreement, press the Print button to print the license agreement, or click the No button to reject the license agreement and exit the program. After the license agreement has been accepted for a particular program version, the license agreement will no longer appear when starting the program until an updated version is installed.

To open the license agreement window at a later time, select Help  View License Agreement from the main menu.


Main Internet Utility Program Window