Section 12: Internet Utility > Getting Started

Quick Start

As a minimum, execute the following steps to start using the Internet Utility right away:

1.  Start the program (see Running the Internet Utility).

2.  Open an existing database (see Opening a Database).

3.  Set up communication options (see Communication Options).

4.  If you want to send repair status information directly to your customers then set up repair status notices (see Setup Send Repair Status Notices) and/or repair status listing reports (see Setup Send Repair Status Listing Reports).

5.  If you want to allow your customers to get repair status information themselves then set up generation of a repair status web site (see Setup Generate Repair Status Web Site). You will also need to communicate with At Your Service Software, Inc. either to obtain a license to load the repair status web site on your own web server, or to configure their web server at with a folder for your business.

6.  Start processing (see Processing).


Running the Internet Utility