Section 3: Navigating and Data Entry > Browsing Tables

Sorting Data

Records may be sorted in ascending or descending order by the values in any column. To select the column by which to sort, click a column heading, or select Sort … from the context menu (see Context Menus). Alternately, click the  button on the toolbar, or select View  Sort  from the main menu and then select a column from the dropdown list that appears. Selecting the same column successively will alternate between ascending and descending order.

The currently selected sorting column is indicated by a bold-faced column heading and an up or down arrow to the left of the column heading indicating ascending or descending order. Details regarding the actual sort orders for the columns in each module are discussed in their corresponding sections of this guide. Sort orders will be remembered from session to session for each user.

To prevent column sort settings from being accidentally changed by a particular user, toggle the lock status of all browse view settings on or off by selecting View  Lock View Settings from the main menu while logged in as that user.


Sorting Column Orders