Section 8: Reports > Custom Reports

Standard Report Options

Various standard report options can be configured without physically customizing report files. See General Module Options to configure the default printer and printer options for reports. Additionally, see Custom Captions to rename field captions on the reports.

Existing standard reports typically include a number of report options that allow the user to limit the report to only include data that meets certain criteria (e.g. a date range, a particular customer account). The report options for each report are discussed along with the documentation for that report (see Repair Reports, Inventory Reports, Accounting Reports, Listing Reports, and Security Reports).

Additionally, since the Customer Statements reports are treated much like a form, see Statement Form Options to configure additional standard options for those reports (see also Customer Statements (Ledger), Customer Statements (Open Item), and Statement).

(See also Standard Form Options, and Standard Label Options.)


Customizing Reports Yourself