Section 9: Labels > Viewing or Printing a Label

Viewing a Label

After selecting a label (see Selecting a Label), select the Display tab to view the label in the on-screen label viewer.

TIP      If a label automatically prints when selecting it from the Print button dropdown list, and no print dialog window appears, then the selected label has been configured to bypass the print dialog window (which is the system default). To show the print dialog window, either select the desired label from the File menu since the print dialog window is always displayed from there (see Selecting a Label from the File Menu), or select View  Optional Dialog Windows from the main menu and reactivate the print dialog window for the selected label on the Print button dropdown list (see Optional Dialog Windows).

Click the View button to view the label, or click the Close button to close the print label window without viewing. The label will open in a separate window.

NOTE   If working with a MySQL database then the name of the database must be configured in the MySQL Connector/ODBC system DSN in order for viewing of labels to work correctly (see Installing MySQL).

(See also Viewing a Form, and Viewing a Report.)


Printing a Label