Section 4: Setup > Warranty Plans

Warranty Plans Overview

In this setup area you may create a list of the various warranty plans that your business recognizes and services. The warranty plans entered here will be available in dropdown lists for the Warranty Plan entry field on repair orders and warranty cards.

Select Setup  Lists  Warranty Plans from the main menu to open the warranty plans setup area.

If the option has been enabled, you will first be prompted with the question: Do you want to extract newly entered warranty plans from repair orders and warranty cards? (See module option “Prompt to extract newly entered Warranty Plans” under Setup Module Options.) Click the Yes button to automatically create new records for warranty plans that were manually entered in the Warranty Plan field on repair order and warranty card records, and that do not already exist in the warranty plans table (see Repair Order - Warranty Tab, and Warranty Card - Warranty Tab). Click the No button or press the Esc key to ignore the request.

The warranty plans setup module may be renamed with a custom caption (see Custom Captions), and is not available in the Repair Micro edition.


Browsing Warranty Plans