Section 2: Getting Started > Working With Mobile Edition Databases

Configuring a Master Database for Mobile Workstations

Mobile workstations synchronize with a single master database that is configured with multiple business locations (see Business Locations). At least one business location would be assigned to the main office where the Internet Utility mobile synchronization is configured (see Setup Mobile Synchronization). And a single business location is assigned to each mobile workstation.

The business location assigned to each mobile workstation or main office must be configured with a unique business location ID, and a unique number series range. Further, user names and passwords are assigned to a particular business location, and thereby to a particular mobile workstation or main office (see User Security).

Execute the following steps to configure a multi-location master database:

1.  Start the program from a workstation other than a mobile workstation without logging in (see Starting the Program).

2.  Install the multi-location Repair or Repair SQL edition license (see Installing a New or Updated License).

3.  Log in as “Administrator” (see Logging In and Out).

4.  Either create a new empty database that is not physically stored on a mobile workstation (see Creating a New Empty Access Database, Creating a New Empty MySQL Database, and Creating a New Empty Microsoft SQL Server Database), or open an existing database (see Opening an Existing Access Database, Opening an Existing MySQL Database, and Opening an Existing Microsoft SQL Server Database).

5.  Open the setup business locations module and assign a unique business location ID and number range to each business location (see Business Locations). For each business location that will be assigned to a mobile workstation, it would be wise to enter a business location ID that describes that mobile workstation or its user (e.g. the user’s name).

6.  Open the setup user security module and create a unique user name and password for each mobile workstation, assigning it to the business location that corresponds with the mobile workstation (see User Security).

7.  Configure mobile synchronization in the Internet Utility (see Setup Mobile Synchronization).

NOTE   For the time being, the master database can only be a Microsoft Access database. Support for synchronization to a MySQL or Microsoft SQL database will be released soon.


Configuring a Mobile Workstation