Section 2: Getting Started > Working With Mobile Edition Databases

Configuring a Mobile Workstation

Execute the following steps to install and configure At Your Service on a mobile workstation with a Repair Mobile edition license:

1.  Install At Your Service on the mobile workstation (see Installing on a Workstation).

2.  Start the program without logging in (see Starting the Program).

3.  Install the Repair Mobile edition license (see Installing a New or Updated License).

4.  Log in as “Administrator” (see Logging In and Out).

5.  Close the sample database (see Closing an Access Database).

6.  Create a new empty Microsoft Access database that is physically stored on the mobile workstation (see Creating a New Empty Access Database).

7.  If the repair orders browse window opened automatically then close it (see Closing Browse Windows).

8.  Open the setup business locations module (see Business Locations), enter the business location ID assigned to this mobile workstation (see Configuring a Master Database for Mobile Workstations), and save the changes.

9.  Run the synchronization process to synchronize with the master database, ensuring that only the Retrieve records from the master database for my business location checkbox is checked (see Synchronizing a Mobile Edition Database).

10. Once the synchronization has completed, log out and then back in again using the user name and password assigned by the program administrator for this mobile workstation (see Configuring a Master Database for Mobile Workstations).

NOTE   A common mistake when configuring a mobile workstation is to install the multi-location Repair or Repair SQL edition license that belongs to the master database on the mobile workstation, instead of installing the Repair Mobile edition license on the mobile workstation. This will be evident if there are multiple business locations visible in the business location setup module. To resolve this problem, manually delete the file Security.wcs from the At Your Service installation folder on the mobile workstation (by default C:\Program Files\At Your Service on 32-bit systems or C:\Program Files (x86)\At Your Service on 64-bit systems), and delete the local database file that was created on the mobile workstation. (On Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 R2 you may have to press the Compatibility Files button at the top of Windows explorer in order to see the Security.wcs file.) Then repeat the installation steps.


Synchronizing a Mobile Edition Database