E-mailing a Report

After selecting a report (see Selecting a Report) and then selecting the Destination tab, select the E-mail tab to send the report as a .PDF document e-mail attachment. The tab will only be enabled if e-mailing has been configured. Click the E-mail Options button to configure e-mail options (see Communication Options - E-mail Tab).

Enter a destination e-mail address, or select a recently used e-mail address from the dropdown list. Optionally, enter a message to be sent as the body of the e-mail message. Click the Send button to send the e-mail, or click the Close button to close the reports window without e-mailing.

NOTE   If working with a MySQL database then the name of the database must be configured in the MySQL Connector/ODBC system DSN in order for e-mailing of reports to work correctly (see Installing MySQL).

(See also E-mailing a Form.)


Exporting a Report