Section 12: Internet Utility > Repair Status Listing Reports

Processing Send Repair Status Listing Reports

Sending Repair Status Listing Reports

A message is first recorded in the log file each time that processing of repair status listing reports begins (see Processing). Repair status listing reports will then be sent out to all active customer accounts that have been configured to receive the report, without regard to the status of the repairs or even if there are any active repairs. By default, customers will not receive the report until it has been configured on their customer account (see Customer - Internet Utility Tab). The report will be sent once every weekday, and optionally on weekends, depending on the configured settings.

All customer accounts are analyzed to verify that, depending on the configured communication methods, they have a valid e-mail address and/or fax number. The contact information in those fields is analyzed to ensure that it reasonably conforms to expected standards (i.e. e-mail addresses have an @ symbol, and fax numbers have numeric digits). If prioritization has been configured then the contact information is also analyzed based on those prioritization rules in order to reduce or eliminate duplicate repair status listing reports being sent via different communication methods (e.g. if a repair status listing report should be sent via fax only if it will not be sent via e-mail). Any customer accounts without valid contact information will be skipped.

For each individual customer account that is successfully selected and validated, a repair status listing report is sent via e-mail as an attachment and/or via fax, depending on the configured communication methods. The basic message includes a brief summary of the customer account. And if a custom message has been configured, then it will be included with the report.

Further, if the repair status web site is configured to upload repair status data to the web site (see Setup Generate Repair Status Web Site, and Communication Options - FTP Tab), then a hyperlink or reference will also be included in the message that directs the customer to your reserved company folder on the web site to check the current status of each individual repair order. This option is presently not available when uploading the repair status web site to your own web server.

Once the individual repair status listing report has been successfully sent via each configured communication method then, if configured accordingly, a message will be recorded in the log file. If the repair status listing report is not successfully sent then a message describing the problem will be recorded in the log file. No messages are recorded in the private notes of the customer accounts.

Responding to a Repair Status Listing Report

If a customer has received a repair status listing report that includes repair estimates, then they will need to communicate the approvals and refusals of those estimates back to the repair centre either individually or as a batch. Upon receipt of individual replies at the repair centre, the individual repair order records would need to be manually updated with the new repair status information (see Approving a Repair Estimate, and Refusing a Repair Estimate). However, if multiple replies are received at the same time from a single customer account then the approvals and refusals may be entered as a batch (see Batch Approvals and Refusals of Repair Estimates).


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