Data recovery

You may only get one chance at hard drive recovery. No recovery is too small or too big for the most experienced data recovery team in the industry. With cleanroom facilities worldwide and engineering expertise in every major global region, you can count on Ontrack for all your data recovery needs. Ontrack has developed proprietary solutions over the past 30 years to recover data from tapes, hard drives, solid-state drives, flash media, mobile devices, virtual environments, operating systems, and a myriad of other storage devices.

Please mention our partner ID 3260654.

Integrated accounting software

We don’t expect you to be an accounting expert. That’s why QuickBooks helps keep everything organized in one place. At Your Service — Repair Center software integrates with QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise desktop editions for the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Click here to learn how to start to integrating At Your Service — Repair Center software with QuickBooks.

Intuit QuickBooks

Integrated credit and debit card processing

Credit and debit card processing with OpenEdge will be discontinued as of December 23, 2024.

Our credit and debit card processing through OpenEdge is easy-to-use and allows you the flexibility to process your credit and debit card transactions directly from within At Your Service — Repair Center software. Integrated charge processing saves time with lightning-fast authorizations. And since the charge amount is passed directly to the card processor, there are no more errors from manually keying in the wrong charge amount.

Video: What Would You do With 30 Extra Minutes?

Video: Why OpenEdge?

Video: OpenEdge Merchant Portal

Please contact the OpenEdge representative below for assistance in installing and configuring OpenEdge credit and debit card processing to work with At Your Service — Repair Center software. Available only in the United States and Canada.

Integrated electronic signature pads

At Your Service — Repair Center software integrates with ESIGN-compliant electronic signature pads from Topaz Systems. Rather than just storing a picture of the signature, the biometric signing pattern (e.g. stroke direction, speed, timing, etc.) is recorded along with the date and time that the signature was accepted by the signer into the document, allowing the signature to be legally traced back to the original signer. Further, each signature is encrypted thereby preventing misuse of signatures or attempts to modify the signed document at a later time.

Click here for a list of which Topaz Systems electronic signature pad models are compatible with At Your Service — Repair Center software. Please see the links below for further assistance and to purchase signature pads.

Recently added: Support for Topaz SigPlus Pro Tablet for touch-screen signatures.
Coming: Support for Topaz biometric fingerprint readers.

Integrated SMS text messaging

Communicate with your customers and technicians via SMS text messages locally or internationally. Clickatell is a trusted global platform, whether you need to send 300 or 3 million messages each month. Click here to learn how to integrate Clickatell SMS text messaging with At Your Service – Repair Center software.

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