Software for Repair Centers

At Your Service – Repair Center is comprehensive software for managing and tracking the repair and service of items that have either been sent in or dropped off for repair or servicing. The various editions are designed to work well either for a large repair center, warranty center, or repair depot with dozens of technician benches, or for a small mom-and-pop repair shop with just one or two technicians.

Repair Enterprise Edition

Enterprise-level software for Microsoft SQL or MySQL databases to manage repair centers with many users, large amounts of data, and/or multiple locations.

Repair Standard Edition

Full-featured software for Microsoft Access databases to manage repair centers with up to 10-15 users at one or more locations.

Repair Lite Edition

Software for Microsoft Access databases to manage smaller repair shops with a few users that do not need advanced program features.

Retail stores that only collect items for repair and then pass them on to a warranty center or third-party repair vendor may want to use one of the retail editions.

How At Your Service software will save your business time

  • The time spent by your staff phoning your customers is considerably reduced when the At Your Service – Internet Utillity automatically e-mails or faxes estimate notices, pickup notices, overdue payment collection notices, and status reports
  • The number of phone calls from your customers is considerably reduced because your customers can check repair statuses and courier shipments themselves on your website or the website; they can receive regular report status updates via e-mail or fax; they can approve or refuse estimates via the repair status web site or by clicking on a hyperlink in the estimate they receive via e-mail
  • When customers do phone, current repair status and courier shipment information can be pulled up in seconds with just a few keystrokes, thereby reducing time spent on the telephone
  • Data entry is accelerated by dozens of time-saving features including numerous defaults that are filled in automatically; dropdown lists that automatically match choices based on the first few keystrokes; service codes and packages to automate entry of individual or multiple detail lines; quick entry of standard paragraphs of text; keystroke macros for automated scripts; support for barcode scanners; and much more
  • Some standard procedures can be processed as batches rather than having to update individual records
  • Repair and financial statistics and patterns are instantly available to assist in quickly making accurate estimates based on past history
  • A knowledge base of past repairs can be easily researched to quickly find past solutions to difficult repair problems
  • An analysis of bottlenecks in the various steps of the repair process help to identify areas in which time delays can be reduced and the overall throughput of the business can be improved
  • If your business used QuickBooks accounting software, financial data can be exported directly into a QuickBooks company file, thereby eliminating the need to re-enter the data a second time
  • All forms and reports can be e-mailed or faxed directly from within the software, thereby eliminating the need to print them first

How At Your Service software will save your business money

  • All of the time savings outlined in the previous section directly result in related cost savings
  • Our plain paper system eliminates the need for costly pre-printed forms; it allows faxing directly from within the program, thereby eliminating the wasted paper used when they are printed first; and it minimizes the number of printers needed
  • Bookkeeping and accounting expenses are considerably reduced since invoices, statements, receivables, technician payables, taxes, and revenue and purchase analysis reports are automatically calculated and generated
  • Business revenues can be analyzed based on groupings such as makes and models being repaired, advertising methods, geographic regions, etc. in order to help you make wise financial decisions
  • Purchase statistics and patterns can assist you in arranging discounts with vendors
  • In many areas, computer software has a high depreciation rate for a rapid business expense write-off

Customer management

Manage, report on, and communicate with both regular customer accounts, and miscellaneous walk-in customers.
Integrates with QuickBooks Professional, Premier, and Enterprise desktop editions for United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

Analysis reports

Dozens of reports to analyze repairs and service, inventory, receivables and profit, technicians, customers, vendors, etc.
Integrates with OpenEdge on-line debit and credit card processing.
Integrates with Topaz electronic signature pads to digitally record customer authorizations.

Tethered digital camera support

Automatically attach digital photographs from a tethered digital camera.

Bar codes and QR codes

Print and scan standard bar codes and QR codes.

Inventory management

Comprehensive inventory management including multiple inventory locations, multiple pricing levels, and serialized inventory.

Repair and service orders

Comprehensive tracking of repair orders and service orders through a defined set of process steps.

Sales orders

Point-of-sale processing for retail sales, over-the-counter parts, and extended warranties.

Technician management

Assign and track repairs, efficiency, redos, and commissions for in-house technicians and third-party repair vendors.

Import data

Manual or scheduled imports of data from various text file formats.

Export data

Manual and scheduled exports of data to a variety of standard file formats such as Excel spreadsheets and XML files.

Automated emailing

Automatically send email notices and documents to customers and technicians as items being repaired or serviced move through each process step.

Warranty management

Manage and track registered warranty cards, in-house warranties on repairs or services performed, and the sale of extended warranties.

Scalable databases

Easily grow your database from Microsoft Access to SQL server as your business grows.
Automatically send SMS text messages to customers and technicians as items being repaired or serviced move through each process step.

Multiple business locations or divisions

Share a single database between multiple physical business locations or logical business divisions. Reporting or user access can be company-wide, or limited to a single business location or division.

Multi-user network

Multiple users can share the same database on the same local area network, or remotely between multiple physical locations.

Download the free software trial and switch between each edition to evaluate the available features.

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